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Occupational/ Sports eye care services

Excellence in sports requires excellence in hand-eye coordination, visual memory, depth-perception, eye-foot coordination, peripheral vision, contrast sensitivity, and/or focus flexibility. Each sport presents particular dangers to the eyes, and requires appropriate eyewear. Learn more on eye wear

Eye wear

  • Protective – Trauma Protection: Eye injuries are the leading cause of blindness in children, and sports are the leading cause of eye injuries. Baseball players under age 15 and basketball players between 15 and 24 suffer the most eye injuries. Eye protection is the key to preventing these injuries.
  • Protective eye wear should be worn during both practice and games. The eyewear should be polycarbonate with UV protection.
  • Prescription glasses are not good protective eyewear for sports.
  • Protective – Light Protection: Protecting the eyes with amber-tinted sunglasses is a key factor in preventing damage to the lens, retina and macula from both ultra violet radiation and blue light and preventing eye disease of many types.
  • Corrective: Contact lenses have several advantages over eyeglasses when engaging in sports.
  • Contact lenses offer better peripheral vision, they can be used with protective eyewear, they have a more unobstructed field of view, and because glasses can joggle with movement contact lenses offer a more stable field of vision.
  • Contact lenses also don’t fog up like glasses do, and they offer less chance of injury in case of a collision.
  • Contact lenses with UV protection still only cover the part of the eye where the lenses are, so sports protective glasses with full UV protection are still recommended.